Department of Pharmacognosy

The department will create the expertise in pharmacognosy and phytochemistry needed for herbal product and drug development. It adopts an integrated approach that blends the best of traditional medicine with the most modern scientific knowledge and prowess tools and technology to provide quality education by transmitting basic knowledge by professional experts to students for easy understanding of the principles involved in herbal drug science along with practical skills by training them on morphological and microscopical evaluation of crude drugs, isolation of phytopharmaceuticals and excipients, research, and quality measures to safeguard the environment through cultivation of medicinal plants.

Herbal Drug Technology, Psychopharmacognosy, Natural Products, Modern Pharmacognosy, and Marine Pharmacognosy are the future emerging subjects with deeper knowledge-gaining tools in the department.

The learning resources of the department includes high quality textbooks, national and international journals, books related to competitive exams. The departmental laboratories are are well equipped with the necessary major instruments like UV-spectrophotometer, colorimeters, binocular microscopes, projection microscopes, muffle furnace, Soxhlet, Clevenger’s, steam distillation, centrifuges, columns, electrophoresis, high sensitivity digital balances etc. to impart practical knowledge and develop students’ innovative skills through innovative projects.