Dept of Pharmacognosy

Department of Pharmacognosy is visualized to have a forefront in imparting quality education to every student. The success of the department is amply reflected in the outstanding achievements of the students employed both abroad and within the country. Every success is due to the involvement of a well qualified and dedicated faculty member, motivating the efforts of the students to reach the goal with enthusiasm and good ethical values.

Dept of Pharmacology

The objective of the Department is to impart pharamceutical skills of highest quality. The Diploma program dedicates itself to providing students with a set of skills, knowledge and attitudes that will permit its graduates to succeed and thrive as skilled leaders.The Department is Proud to have qualified faculties belonging to various streams of specialization. All the qualified faculty members possess Master's Degree in their respective discipline.

Dept of Pharmaceutics

The department aims in developing human potential to its fullest so that intellectuals capable of being an asset to the country can emerge. The Department comprises of Staff members who have achieved excellence in teaching, research and innovations. The department has specialized faculties in all important areas of Pharmacy. Also, the department works in the direction of nurturing the faculties and exposing them to world.

Dept of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The department is facilitated with state of the art laboratories were designed and applied for our student community, the hands on experience in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and allied areas of Pharmacy. Students are enriched with this pharamceutical knowledge and expertise in identified domains. The department is equal to be a part of nation building and creating ambiance to the new horizon.