Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Analysis

The department of pharmaceutical chemistry is one of the core departments engaged in research related to drug development and discovery and includes subjects such as pharmaceutical inorganic chemistry, pharmaceutical organic chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, medicinal chemistry, and biochemistry. Current research interests include drug design, molecular modelling, synthesis, and biological activities. In medical chemistry research, the focus is on synthesis, purification, characterization, and evaluation of biological activities.

The Department has adequate laboratories for conducting practical courses and providing research facilities in the fields of synthesis of bulk drugs, structural modification, characterization of novel drug entities, quality control, and quality assurance of formulations. The department is also supported by a well-equipped instrumentation room, which is used for training the students as well as carrying out research work at all levels. The major instruments include UV-Visible Spectrophotometers, Digital Photoflourometers, Colorimeters, and Digital Weighing Balances (high sensitivity). The department offers excellent infrastructure and knowledge in the form of a vast collection of relevant books and journals. Moreover, extensive publications in national and international journals of repute speak volumes of the department’s commitment to research activities.

To train students to achieve a high degree of proficiency and develop competence in structural modification aimed at improved activity. The Department aims at graduating pharmacists with appropriate knowledge and skills to work in the Quality control, Quality assurance and R & D areas of pharmaceutical industries.